The Company was established in Penang and Kuala Lumpur

Our Penang office started operations in 1990 and its Kuala Lumpur office started operations in 1998 to serve its clients in the Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
The Company has provided engineering consultancy services to the government and private sectors in many significant and complex projects.
It is well known that WEA is a specialist on geotechnical engineering and high-rise designs and is well recognized by the Authorities.

The difficult and challenging Pulau Langkawi Cable Car project is one of WEA’s many successful projects

The Company started practicing in Penang in 1990 under the sole-proprietorship of Ir. Dr. Wong Fook Keong. It was incorporated to WEA Engineers & Associates Sdn. Bhd. in 1998 and Perunding WEA Sdn Bhd in 2020. Ir. Dr. Wong Fook Keong and Ir. Yau Ann Nian are its founder members, shareholders and directors. WEA’s Selangor office was established in 1998. Ir. Dr. Wong manages the Selangor Office while Ir. Yau manages the Penang Office.



WEA offers engineering consultancy services in the following disciplines:

WEA is committed to provide a high quality of professional services with full recognition of modern economic considerations, and takes pride in securing many repeat assignments from its many clients.

Geotechnical Engineering

Civil and Structural Engineering

Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
Studies and Evaluations

Building Condition
Surveys & Audits

Forensic Engineering Investigations
for Insurance Industry

Expert Witness Services in Geotechnical
& Structural Engineering

WEA also undertakes projects of government and semi-government agencies and departments.

Its many projects include cable car structures and foundations (Gunung Machincang Cable Car at Pulau Langkawi), infrastructure, hill-slope developments, housing developments, low-rise to high-rise residential, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.

WEA carries out specialist geotechnical and structural engineering studies and designs in the fields of deep foundations, deep basement excavations, soil and rock slope stability, soil improvements, cable car steel support structures, value engineering of structural designs and structural appraisals (audits) and repairs.

WEA’s international activities include housing and medium rise apartment projects in Thailand, Vietnam and the Seychelles Islands.